Need help? If you are having issues or any questions please submit this contact form. is now hosting a DayZ 63 experimental private hive dedicated server! With the 9/18/18 release of the official server files we can now host a DayZ server on our own hardware at half of the cost.  We have edited the server so you spawn with a basic “Loadout”  the gear you start with will help you get started easier. This is a private hive server so unfortunately you will not get to take these items with you to another server you can only use them in our server. This is a beta server and is undergoing extensive testing and modifications for the best user experience so please be patient and let us do our work.

If you would like to join our server open DayZ (Experimental) select the server tab and look for “” the server should popup in the server list if the server doesn’t show up click the search by IP and Port option and enter the server name should popup hit connect and your done! Have fun!

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Server Loadouts

Default Spawn Loadout

Default Player Loadout


  • Bombers Jacket (Black)
  • Jeans (Blue)
  • Hiking Boots (Black)
  • Dry Bag (Black)


  • 6 Clean Rags
  • 1 Can PiPsi
  • 1 Can Spaghetti
  • 3 USG45 25rnd Mags


  • Hunting Knife
  • Firefighter AXE (Black)
  • USG45 SMG


If you enjoy playing on our DayZ server please donate! Any amount helps and will go towards the research and development to make our server better.

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If you are having issues with our server or have any questions please fill out our contact form and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

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