Logicalgamer.com Exile

This server is equip with the following mods and scripts.

  1. Statusbar
  2. Enigma Revive
  3. Advanced Towing
  4. DMS Mission system
  5. Infistar Anticheat
  6. Exile Occupation
  7. Igi Load

Exile server changes made as of 2-3-17

+Added Statusbar
+fixed issue with money in statusbar.
+Added Enigma Revive
+Added Advanced Towing
+Configured for the ability to use tow ropes in safe zone. Cannot tow locked vehicles.
=Adjusted AI, now up to 300 AI at any time in roaming vehicles, town occupations, missions and police squads.


Exile server changes made as of 2-2-17

+Set up Arma 3 server and configured MySQL database and Exile Mod.
+Added Infistar Anticheat
+Added DMS Mission system
+Configured for up to 5 missions at a time. 3 will spawn at server start so there is no waiting.
+Configured Mission spawn times between 30-90 seconds after mission finish.
+Added Exile Occupation
+Configured for up to 15 roaming vehicles with 2-3 AI inside.
+Configured for 1 Roaming Helicopter.

Information about the creators

This Logicalgamer.com Arma III Exile server is a collaboration between Cryptolocker and Malankore. With the two of us we bring this server online, while CryptoLocker provides the hosting and processing power to make this server available to the world. Malankore gets in to the programming part of things and makes the Exile Mod work.

Server specifications

This Server is hosted on a bare metal hand built server equip with an Intel i5 3570 and 10 gigabytes of RAM.

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