Grand Theft Auto V – FiveM Roleplay Server

Grand Theft Auto V – FiveM Roleplay Server


SERVER OFFLINE: This server is currently offline!


Today we are introducing the official FiveM Roleplay server! We have been working hard for the past week and a half getting the server to a stable state with minimal errors, we have packed the server with tons of features and mods to keep players entertained for hours! Our roleplay server is running a heavily modified version of the vRP Framework and features jobs, banks, missions, apartments, garages, a paycheck system, and a bunch more! We are working very hard to update and add new features/mods into the server, with that being said there are still a few bugs we need to iron out so if you have any problems please fill out this form.

Help Wanted!

We are seeking professional and dedicated servicemen and women to join our police force and emergency crew.
[To apply for a position please fill out this application]

We are also searching for dedicated admin for our server please apply below.
[Apply to become an administrator by filling out this application]

Minimum requirements:

  • At least 16 years of age (Depending on maturity)
  • Must be available a couple times a week
  • Server ping below 120ms
  • Chat software – Teamspeak3
  • Professional attitude
  • Computer literate
  • GTA V/FiveM

Server Features (Ver 1.00)

  • Job system (Police, EMS, Taxi driver, Bank driver, Repair-man, Hacker, and Drug dealer)
  • Paycheck system (Earn a paycheck by holding a job)
  • Bank system (Store your earned money in your bank account)
  • Stores (Buy food from markets and guns from the gun store)
  • Apartments/Houses (Buy a house to store items and clothing)
  • Garages (Rent or buy cars and bikes)
  • Custom Weapons (Custom Guns)
  • Vehicle fuel system (Gas / Gas stations)
  • Character customization (Clothing stores)
  • Missions (Perform missions for NPCs or players)
  • Custom Vehicles (Over 100 custom add-on vehicles)
  • Dynamic Weather (Synced weather)
  • Dynamic Time (Synced time)
  • Menu-based (All actions are completed via a menu no commands)
  • Optimization (Smooth SSD performance)


Server Information

Connection information:

  • Server IP address –
  • Server status – Offline
  • FiveM status – Offline
  • Database status – Offline


Change Log / Updates

8/25/2017 – Server version 1.0 released
8/25/2017 – Added new civ/police vehicles
8/25/2017 – Added vehicle fuel/gas stations
8/25/2017 – Updated scripts, performed database maintenance
8/17/2017 – Added additional loaded IPLs (yachts and buildings)
8/15/2017 – Server ver 0.05 (Initial server release)
8/14/2017 – Server ver 0.05 (Updated scripts tested, MySQL Database maintenance)

Known issues

8/15/2017 – “Issue resolved” Players money/bank wiped randomly (Script conflict between ACL/vRP)
8/18/2017 – Character gets stuck/won’t load if logged out in a players house (FIX – Don’t log out in a house!!!)

Disclaimer: This server is still under development and you will encounter issues and bugs. Please report any issues you are experiencing and a developer will look into it – Roleplay Rules!

Failure to follow our server rules may or will lead to ban from our server. Please follow all server rules at all times. We are a heavy roleplay community and if you cannot appreciate that, then this isn’t the place for you. Ignorance or misinterpretation of any of the rules or other rulesets will not be accepted as defense against disciplinary action. Server rules are always subject to change and updates added as the admin staff sees fit.
  • Derogatory remarks about: race, religion, gender, sexual preference, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, EVEN IN RP!
  • Role-playing sexual assault (non-consensual touching, rape, etc.) Is prohibited!
    You can either play on the server, or watch a stream. NOT BOTH! This is to avoid meta-gaming. If you are caught on a stream in the viewer list or chat you will be banned without question, even if you “forgot” to close it.
  • Stream-sniping is prohibited. Doing so will result in a ban!
  • Entering the military base is prohibited! There is no way in real life that you are going to get into a United States military base, it’s not possible, there are too many armed guards and gates and such, it’s not realistic, and will be considered failure to roleplay and you WILL BE BANNED!
  • Stealing military vehicles is prohibited, including but not limited to: tanks, fighter jets, infantry transport vehicles, UAZs, military fuel tankers, cargobobs, and armed military helicopters.
  • Entering mission row detention area is prohibited, there are too many armed police officer, cameras, security panels, etc., that you would have to get past, this is not realistic, and will be considered failure to roleplay which, in turn, will result in a ban!
  • Stealing a cop car AI or player from any station is considered FAIL RP and will result in a ban without hesitation. Realistically, there’s too much security for you to get anywhere close to one.
  • Stealing AI cop cars or ambulance is bannable period. The AI are not intelligent enough to respond to such behavior. Player owned cop cars may he stolen but only on the street. It cannot be stolen from a station. Same goes for Ambulances. You cannot steal it from the stations or hospitals.
  • Sexual harassment and stalking of a member is a ZERO TOLERANCE. If you are found guilty, you will be permanently banned.
  • Combat logging is prohibited while involved in an RP situation is not allowed. Logging out of the server to avoid incarceration, or an RP situation is also prohibited and will be met with a ban.
  • No Metagaming – Metagaming is defined as: Using external factors, information, or knowledge your character would not be able to obtain through normal means of gameplay.
  • No Power gaming – Power gaming is defined as: Using mechanics or roleplaying mechanics that do not exist. Eg. Your buddy is allergic to leather, so you “RP” that you hitched a seat to the top of a bus so he could have an excuse to ride on the top.
  • The use of food/healing methods during a RP situation like a shootout is prohibited. This considered FailRP.
  • Random Deathmatching (RDM) is prohibited – you must have a reason to kill someone, a rival gang member, drug deal gone wrong, etc.
  • Cop baiting is prohibited: DO NOT intentionally bait police into chasing you for a high speed chase or bait them into an ambush situation. There are very, very few reasons for this to be justified and not realistic at all. Be a smart criminal and make your millions by being smart. Cop-baiting means doing any deliberate action for the purpose of garnering police attention or otherwise baiting the police into interacting with you. This includes purposely committing traffic violations right in front of the police.
  • Exploiting bugs is prohibited, doing so will result in an immediate ban!
  • You must make a first and last name – a last initial is not acceptable.
  • YOUR NAME MUST BE REALISTIC! E.g Asses Mcbuttface is not acceptable.
    Including spaces or tabs or other empty characters in your name is prohibited. Doing so will result in a ban until the name can be fixed, whether accidental or not.
  • DO NOT SPAWN VEHICLE FOR JOBS AND LEAVE THEM IN THE SPAWNING AREA! Others cannot spawn a vehicle when you do this. Blocking vehicle spawn zones (such as the taxi spawn) is prohibited, and may result in fines, arrest, or a ban if it is a persistent issue. Hit E once if it doesn’t spawn right away give it a few seconds it can sometimes take time to spawn. If you do accidently spawn more than one vehicle, MOVE THEM! If they are flipped call 911 to have police remove them.
    When using the tow truck, DO NOT tow vehicles with players in it! It causes major issues. Additionally, DO NOT attempt to tow vehicles that are bigger than the truck’s bed. This also causes major issues.
  • Do not go AFK for extended periods of time.
  • AFK farming is prohibited and will be considered an exploit. This will result in an immediate ban!
  • Cheating by means of hacking, farming, exploiting, etc is prohibited and will result in an immediate ban!
  • All emergency medical services, fire department, and law enforcement personnel are required to be in our teamspeak on the ops channel corresponding to the server you are actively on duty in.
  • Modded/hacked clients are prohibited, use will result in immediate ban!
  • Exchanging real currency for money, goods, or services in game is prohibited. Doing so will result in an immediate ban!
  • If there are no police online, player to player crimes, such as kidnapping, robbery, etc., should not be abused. If you are caught doing so you will be banned.
  • Obvious disregard for our in game laws – traffic, felony, misdemeanor – and clear disregard for our server rules, will lead to a ban. There is no RP reason to just speed everywhere you go and follow absolutely no traffic laws.
  • Use of trainers, injectors, or any other programs that affect the game externally or internally is prohibited.
  • Going on killing sprees and damaging players property 15 mins prior to server restart is prohibited. Acting like a mad man and killing everything in site without RP is still RDM whether it’s 1 hour or 1 min to restart. Damaging peoples property will still cost them money to repair their vehicles after the restart. Failure to follow this rule will result in a ban.

All EMS/FD and PD players need to be on our teamspeak for communications while playing in that role. Voice comms are much quicker than typing when certain situations arise. Civs are more than welcome to join as well and have dedicated channels for civs.

RP Menu controls

To open the menu press “C” on a keyboard or “RS” on a controller, you can navigate the menu with the “arrow keys” on a keyboard or “dpad” on a controller, use “enter” on a keyboard or “A” on a controller to select, use “backspace” on a keyboard or “B” on a controller to go back a page or close the menu.


Controller Controls

Open Menu – (RS)
Menu Navigation – (DPAD)
Select – (A)
Back/Exit – (B)


Keyboard Controlls

Open Menu – [C]
Menu Navigation – [ARROWS]
Select – [Enter]
Back/Exit – [Backspace]



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    August 16, 2017

    Hello! Everyone I have put a lot of work into this server! Signup and join us today! We are also searching for dedicated administrators if you’re interested sign up at

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    October 11, 2017

    The Ip Adress dosent work 🙁 Help?

  • CryptoLocker


    October 11, 2017

    Unfortunately, our RP server is offline until further notice.

  • TheFatAnt


    November 5, 2018

    when the server will be open?

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    July 12, 2019

    Why is the server Closed?