Game Servers Online! 

As of 5/25/18 Most of our servers have been updated and brought back online! If you favorite server is still offline please send us an email –

24/7 Deticated Voice Servers

Teamspeak 3

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24/7 Deticated Game Servers

GTA:V Reborn Server is now hosting two dedicated FiveM servers. We offer a fun mod packed Freeroam and a Roleplay server for more serious players, click the server you’re interested in to see more information.

DayZ Standalone .63 Server is now hosting a DayZ 63 experimental private hive dedicated server! With the 9/18/18 release of the official server files we can now host a DayZ server on our own hardware at half of the cost. We have edited the server so you spawn with a basic “Loadout” the gear you start with will help you get started easier. Click HERE to view more info on this server.

ARK: Survival Evolved x15 hosts  cluster servers with Ragnarok, The Center, and Aberration. Our servers have x15 modifiers in place for harvesting leveling and taming and awesome mods to add great features to the game. Click here to view more information about the servers.

Minecraft official Minecraft server requires the logicalgamer mod pack. For more information and to download the most recent mod pack click here.

Rust Modded Rust server! This server is running the latest server build with Oxide. There are multiple server mods/add-ons!

Killing Floor 2 Killing Floor 2 server.

Arma 3 (Sandbox) Arma3 private sandbox. This server is only available to members of the community.

Insurgency CO-Op Insurgency server has standard Co-Op Missions such as Skirmish, Push, Capture, and many more.

Space Engineers (Creative) Space Engineers server offers users a creative sandbox to make anything!

Arma Exile Arma Exile mod server (Closed)

Conan Exiles Arma Conan Exiles server is a deticated 24/7 server with several multipliers  in place for gathering and experience.